A pre-existing condition?; new survey on managers’ outlook

Is $500bn in sub line supply not enough anymore?; PEI podcast and a new survey on managers’ outlooks in light of the pandemic.

Holiday alert: In observation of Independence Day in the US, we’re off tomorrow, and will resume emails on Monday. To my US compatriots: Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Part 6: $500bn no longer enough?” is the final chapter of my feature on the subscription credit line market (and though the feature is finished, there is still more to come in the series. Most of it can also be found in this month’s issue).

In the editor’s letter there, I extemporize on the notion, proposed by market participants cited in Part 6, that A) there is indeed now a supply/demand imbalance in the sub line market, and B) that the underlying causes represent a pre-existing condition; the pandemic only served as a catalytic agent. It’s a notion I know not everyone agrees with, but nonetheless I think it warrants consideration.

Podcast and manager outlook: To keep you entertained all the long weekend, we’re providing you the most recent edition of PEI’s popular podcast. In it, editors discuss the results of the latest survey of investors’ and managers’ outlooks in light of the pandemic. (The link provided gives you access to the manager survey. PEI subscribers can access the investors survey from the same page).

Email prepared by Graham Bippart