All that hard work pays off (for LPs)

The uses LPs put to the data you provide; CFOs & COOs Europe 2020 agenda update; Earnings calls tomorrow.

Good to know: It turns out all that work you do responding to LP requests for data – that’s not just them getting their sick kicks out of having you work for them. No: LPs asking for ever more – and more granular; often in different formats – data are actually putting it to use. In this piece, Toby Mitchenall runs through some of the various uses LPs put your data to, as told to Forum-goers last week. Notably, among those uses is to scrutinize your performance against that of your competitors, and to come to their own conclusions on metrics in your PPM.

Europe Forum: A reminder to European finance & accounting pros to book your calendars for the CFOs & COOs Europe 2020 Forum, June 3-4, at No 11 Cavendish Square, in London, just down from Wigmore Hall and around the bend from Swingers Crazy Golf, which is pretty good fun if you haven’t been yet.

New speakers have been added to the updated agenda (which you can download here), the least eminent, by far, of which will be me.

Earnings: Blackstone and Apollo have earnings calls tomorrow. We’ll report back on key takeaways from those.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart.