Beneficient looks to make Kansas an alternatives hub; Third-party cyber risk

Beneficient wants Kansas on the map for alternatives, and your help to make it happen; Agio on meeting cyber-risks from third parties head on

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Domiciles: Beneficient was largely behind a piece of Kansas legislation, passed in April, that aims to combine all of the most attractive aspects of regimes in the likes of Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada into one construct. In June, it will be a key part of the legislations pilot launch, and the company is looking for industry input to create a unified voice ensuring its success. I spoke to president and chief fiduciary officer Derek Fletcher to find out the details.

Cybersecurity: Vendors and other third-party service providers represent perhaps the biggest risks to your firm’s cybersecurity. I spoke with Agio’s executive director of cybersecurity, Kirk Samuels, to get insight on how to manage those risks for this sponsored article.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart