CEPRES and AIC allow GPs to analyze LP mindset

AIC members have been given exclusive access to a feature of the firm’s due diligence and portfolio analysis platform.

American Investment Council members are now able to analyze how an investor would see their track record after a deal with due diligence platform operator CEPRES.

CEPRES has put together a “best practice” series of due diligence analyses, comprising the ones most commonly run by LPs on its PE Analyzer when decide on a buyout commitment.

“If a buyout GP runs that series on his own track record it gives him an immediate insight into how a large proportion of LPs would perceive his track record in a commitment decision,” Daniel Schmidt, chief executive at CEPRES, told pfm.

PE Analyzer allows investors and managers to perform due diligence and portfolio analysis on portfolio companies and investments. It has now processed commitment decisions across 3,335 funds with transactions worth $11 trillion.

“PE Analyzer dispenses with the need for spreadsheets and reliance on unstandardized data. Investors can analyze the data and compare GPs with other GPs and with other markets. They can also use the data to create benchmarks,” Schmidt said.

The platform is accessed via the firm’s website and information is exchanged in private, secure online data rooms.

PE Analyzer was launched three years ago and is endorsed by the Institutional Limited Partners Association. It is one of a generation of tech products emerging to improve efficiency of sharing analysis of private equity performance data.