CFOs on hopes of expansion, and smothering them

BlackRock and LaSalle European execs talk about hopes of expansion, and smothering them.

CFOs & COOs Forum Europe: At this week’s Europe Forum (held virtually, of course), BlackRock’s EMEA COO, Michaela Strempfl, noted that many firms, including BlackRock, are not able to engage in any planned or hoped-for expansion strategies given the current environment.

And LaSalle’s Jamie Lyon, European CFO and COO chimed in saying that, where those hopes still persist among executives, it is sometimes the job to smother them. “We have to be that disciplinarian and common sense [in the firm], because growth can easily lead to inefficiency and inconsistency in discipline and process,” he said.

Carmela Mendoza has the full story on the panel.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart