CFOs: Tell us what your people earn and get data back

A call for your compensation data and some insight on forex hedging.

First up, a call: Private Funds CFO is teaming up with MM&K on its annual PE and VC Compensation Survey this year and we’re looking for submissions. Now in its 20th year, it analyzes compensation levels for 37 different industry specific job functions. It looks at headcount, revenues, management fees, carried interest plans and participation therein, as well as GP commitment levels. Participants receive a free summary of the findings and a discount on the full report, which will be available at  the end of September to help firms with year-end salary and bonus reviews. If your firm is interested in participating, please contact Nigel Mills at MM&K.


Second: are you investing more outside of the US? If so here is a quickfire guide to forex hedging. Typical corporate trading arrangements are collateralized, but posting margin is trickier for a private capital firm (who wants to call LP capital for that?).


Emai prepared by Toby Mitchenall.