DATA: GPs charging less broken deal fees to the fund

Bright-line trends from our Fees and Expenses Survey 2020; Leverage in the time of covid.

Today, a few data snapshots showing the most distinct trendlines from our Fees and Expenses Survey 2020, including one that shows managers are charging broken deal fees to the fund less frequently than in previous years. While the majority (66 percent of respondents) still charge all broken deal fees to the fund, more respondents said some of the fees get charged to the management company, and fewer said their management fee offset provision is 100 percent until all broken deal expenses are recovered.

Check out that and seven other interesting charts from the survey in the link above.

Leverage: Sister publication Secondaries Investor did this deep dive into the various layers of leverage used by GPs, and how they could fare in a crisis. Comprehensive, insightful and full of interesting takeaways, Rod James’ full report can be read here.