DOWNLOAD: The CFO guide to fundraising

Find out how the CFO's responsibilities have evolved to play a crucial role in fundraising at private funds firms.

When pfm and fund administrator SANNE set out to survey private funds CFOs, we wanted to capture the changing nature of this crucial position. From previous polls, we’ve noted how the finance chief’s job has become more strategic. We also knew that more is being demanded of the finance team from investors. But what, we wondered, was the CFO’s role in the fundraising process and how was this evolving?

To find out, the pfm/SANNE CFO Survey 2018 polled 100 US-based finance professionals. Almost a third were in the midst of raising a new vehicle, with another third looking to go to market in 2019. The picture that emerges is a clear consensus that CFOs play an important part in fundraising.

To download the presentation, click here.