ESG: What investors want to see

Your policy should 'make specific reference to procedures and protocols that can be verified' if you want to impress members of the investor group.

We are looking again at the substance of ESG today: specifically what the Institutional Limited Partner Association recommends goes into your policy.

In short: ILPA’s Principles 3.0 recommend GPs establish an policy that provides sufficient information “to enable an LP to assess the degree to which the GP’s investment strategy and operations are aligned with an individual LP institution’s ESG policies.” It should make specific reference to “procedures and protocols that can be verified,” and the GP needs to adopt “a framework to measure, audit and report on the impacts achieved by the fund.” Philippa Kent has the details.

We’ll be bringing you some GP war stories later this week and next, ahead of our deep dive into the subject in early December.

In other news, BNP Paribas has acquired a stake in AssetMetrix, a European business that provides portfolio monitoring solutions. Says the release: “By deploying AssetMetrix’s leading technology and web services within its private capital business, BNP Paribas Securities Services will give its clients access to powerful analytics and reporting tools dedicated to the analysis of non-listed investments (private equity and debt).

Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall.