Guernsey Finance names new CEO

The trade body appointed Dominic Wheatley to the top role formerly held by Fiona Le Poidevin.

Guernsey Finance, the body that promotes Guernsey as an alternatives hub, named Dominic Wheatley as its new chief executive. He replaces Fiona Le Poidevin, who will formally step down in December. 

In his new role, Wheatley plans to maintain Guernsey’s role in core markets such as the UK and wider Europe and build the brand in new markets like China and Latin America, according to a release announcing his hire.

This strategy builds upon an initiative led by Le Poidevin, in which Guernsey Finance sent a team of local regulators, policymakers and funds experts to China, Brazil and Moscow to discuss how the island’s long-established funds regime might service the growing population of fund managers in emerging markets.

“This is a very important phase in the development of the island's economy and the promotion of our finance industry is a key part of that,” said Wheatley in a statement. “I am really looking forward to joining the Guernsey Finance team and working with them to ensure the continuing success of Guernsey as a leading international finance center.”

Wheatley joins Guernsey from his role as managing director of Willis Management (Guernsey) and chief marketing officer of Willis' international insurance management businesses. He also served as chairman of the Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA), the representative body of the financial services industry in Guernsey, from 2011 to 2013. During his time at GIBA, Wheatley served ex officio as a director of Guernsey Finance. Prior to becoming GIBA chairman, he was chairman of the Guernsey International Insurance Association from 2009 to 2011.