How to annoy a CFO

We asked GP panelists at our roundtable, 'Fund Administration: Back to client service basics', to pinpoint one piece of behavior that is guaranteed to ruin their working day.

Are you a fund administrator? You may want to avoid these GP pet peeves. Here, five fund executives from our recent fund admin roundtable on client services tell us what ticks them off the most.

Dalmau Garcia: “The worst thing a service provider can do is, instead of being facilitators, they behave more like bank tellers. That’s a problem for me because the way I see it they should be an extension of our team, so if they start behaving like bureaucratic robots and find every obstacle to stop them helping, that doesn’t help.”

Aaron Witte: “Turnover. We definitely have had some turnover within our teams, which means there was an institutional knowledge lost and that created challenges that we had to overcome.”

Dimitri Korvyakov: “I want our advisors to constantly question me. Don’t just take my orders; let’s look for ways to make things better in a collaborative way.”

Sanjay Sanghoee: “What annoys me is when a service provider deflects the blame if something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. I’d rather they just own up to what happened, find a solution and make me happy again. I also don’t want to have to constantly go to them to tell them I’m not happy with how something is going. I’d love for them to come to me and say, ‘let’s talk about how this could be done better.’”