How to get retail investors into your fund

A 20-minute podcast that gets to grips with the SEC's recent call for comments on opening up private funds to Main Street.

OK, so it is still a long way off for most private equity firms, but if you want to open up a new pool of capital (retail investors), then it is time to tell the SEC. So say the experts on this 20-minute podcast, in which Private Funds CFO‘s Connor Hussey interviews three lawyers about the US regulator’s Concept Release on the Harmonization of Securities Offering Exemptions.

It’s worth staying ahead of the curve on this. “There can be real first mover advantage in this space, especially when you think about the retirement investors,” says one of the panelists. “Because it’s just the way that 401(k) investors tend to operate: they tend to make investment selections and then not change them very frequently.”

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Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall