iCapital picks up another bank feeder fund platform

Connor Hussey spoke to the president of Wells Fargo investment Institute and the chief executive of iCapital to get details on the latter's acquisition of WFII's feeder fund platform.

Connor Hussey spoke with Wells Fargo Investment Institute’s president, Darrell Cronk, and iCapital’s chief executive, Lawrence Calcano, to get the details on the bank’s agreement to sell iCapital its Global Alternative Investments Feeder Fund Platform.

We wrote about iCapital’s partnership with State Street in January, which the two organizations hailed as a step toward ‘democratizing’ investments into alternative assets. In essence, that’s iCapital’s business strategy, the firm focuses on increasing access to such investments for high-net-worth investors. But they also have had their eyes on retail investors, as Connor wrote in January.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart