Initial takes on ILPA draft recs; CFOs & COOs Forum 2021

CFOs rally behind disclosure, but two IRRs still contentious; CFOs & COOs Forum 2021 registration is open.

ILPA recommendations: I asked market stakeholders for their initial thoughts on ILPA’s draft recommendations for subscription credit facility disclosure. (This story focuses on those of the same three CFOs I spoke to for Monday’s article, “GPs look for longer sub line duration during fundraising”). All those I spoke to about the draft have been broadly positive, though they have questions around some of its aspects, naturally. I focused on these three CFOs because their questions and concerns were fairly representative of the feedback I got.

The official deadline for comments on ILPA’s draft recommendations for subscription credit facility disclosures is tomorrow, I was told – though ILPA’s Jen Choi said they are working to be flexible with market stakeholders that need more time.

CFOs & COOs 2021: Registration for Private Equity International’s CFOs & COOs Forum 2021 is now open. It will take place on January 20-21 at the Grand Hyatt New York.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart