Why investors are not pushing for credit line change

Was the debate around credit facilities in private equity overblown?

We may have reached the end of debate around credit lines. What was once viewed as divisive issue has graduated to become an accepted part of the manager’s tool box.

The Institutional Limited Partners Association, whose guidelines have given LPs a reference point for discussion of the topic, should take some credit for this. But just maybe – says lawyer Patricia Lynch – press reports of investor concerns were always overblown.

The effect on performance can be material, but more often it is not. So says this meaty piece of research by Montana Capital Partners’ Christoph Jäckel.

In other news, promotional body Jersey Finance has opened a New York office to push the jurisidiction to North American managers wanting to raise UK and EU capital. They are having a launch event on October 16.

Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall.