MM&K on GP commitments; Guernsey on ESG post-covid

MM&K’s Nigel Mills on what he sees as a worrying trend in GP commitments; Guernsey publishes ESG principles for private equity.

GP commitment: MM&K director Nigel Mills explains how GP commitments have gone from “perk to pain” in this brief contributed article. “We are concerned that in some cases some investors are expecting, nay demanding, the management team co-invest more than they can sensibly afford,” Mills said.

ESG: To the question of whether ESG, specifically the ‘E’ part, will take a back seat to social concerns in the wake of the covid -9 pandemic, Guernsey answered ‘no’ on Monday when it released its green private equity principles. Said Tim Hames, director general of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association: “When we start to consider what the post-virus social and economic system should look like, it will be crystal clear that the need to contain climate change and the necessity of seeking sustainable finance will have been significantly enhanced, not eroded, by the current crisis.”

Email prepared by Graham Bippart