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Energy Investors Funds launched in 1987 as the first private equity fund manager dedicated exclusively to the independent power and electric utility sectors. In December 2003, the group's management team bought itself out entirely from then-owner Dresdner Kleinwort Capital, making it the first time in its history that itwas not a captive firm. With offices in Boston, New York and San Francisco, Energy Investors Funds power investments are located worldwide, but have a clear US focus. This intersection of the expansive energy and private equity sectors, then, provides a daunting task for anyone charged with running the firm. But Mitchell Coddington, partner and chief financial officer at Energy Investors Funds, is up to the challenge. Having joined the firm in 1993 from commercial real estate investor Property Capital Associates, Coddington today heads up all treasury, financial reporting, account, tax and IT matters. As a member of the firm's Investment Committee, he is involved at some level in every investment Energy Investors Funds makes, while as part of the Executive Committee, he helps to manage all of the day-to-day operations of the organization including human resource issues, and to set short and long term goals for the organization.
Triple-digit decade 2005-07-01 Staff Writer <b>Growth of Cambridge database, by strategy</b><br /><table><tr><td><b>Asset Class</b></td><td><b># of Funds</b></td><td><b># of Funds</b></td><td><b>
All eyes on private equity 2005-07-01 Staff Writer <b>Average US pension allocation mix&#42</b><br /><table><tr><td><b>To</b></td><td><b>tal (125)</b></td><td><b>Corporate (64)</b></td><td><b>
In search of ‘franchise value’ at the private equity firm. By Chip Hughes
How can GPs get sued? Let us count the ways. The business of private equity is increasingly fraught with legal risks both known and unknown. By David Snow, Editor
Changes to the US Bankruptcy Reform Act will affect troubled portfolio companies and their debtholders. By Brian Harvey and Emanuel Grillo
For private equity firms, firing right is every bit as important as hiring right. But fail to swat up on local employment laws in France, Germany and the UK and your erstwhile employee could end up having the last a laugh. By Andy Thomson
UK mid-market specialist Parallel Ventures Managers has a unique deal-capturing mechanism built on ten-year contractual co-investment agreements with currently six European buyout managers. By Philip Borel
INDUSTRY FRONT LINE 2005-07-01 Staff Writer <b>Denning promotes new COO and director</b><br />San Francisco-based private equity advisory firm Denning & Co has announced the promotions of Jill Kitazaki to chief operating officer and Lisa Herrell to director of the firm. Herrell has been
As administrative functions within the private equity firm institutionalize, marketing and communications are becoming joint efforts between internal specialists and external public relations firms. By Art Janik, Associate Editor

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