Ogier hits refresh on brand identity

After shedding its fiduciary services division last year, the offshore law firm is positioning itself as a ‘concise’ legal services provider. 

Ogier is making a clear statement that it is no longer in the business of fund administration, instead rebranding itself as a law firm able to unravel the complexities of offshore jurisdictions – a popular home for private fund vehicles for tax and regulatory reasons.

In a statement, Ogier global managing partner Nick Kershaw said the firm was “great at not overcomplicating things” and providing counsel “that is never convoluted, always concise.”

Ogier performed a firm-wide brand review – spanning its offices in BVI, Cayman, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Tokyo – following the spinout of its fiduciary services division in 2014 (which itself rebranded as Elian).

Following the split, Ogier’s standalone legal unit began a “partner-led strategic review and an employee-led brand steering group” to complete its brand refresh, according to the statement.

While Ogier’s legal and financial services unit will reportedly continue to share premises and facilities, clients wanted a more “focused” approach without any “over-lawyering,” said Ogier COO Jamie Bore.