Organizing your risk assessment process; PE firms stepping up to help

How to mitigate the impact of covid-19 on portfolio companies; PE firms offer a helping hand with assistance funds and public donations.

Bain & Co to the rescue: CFOs I’ve spoken to are in constant communications with their portfolio companies, assessing weaknesses, addressing cash flow issues, even providing bespoke solutions, in some cases, on fees and costs paid to the firm to mitigate outgoings. But the situation is changing every day, as well as the information at hand – both at the company level and at the broader political and economic level. Isobel Markham has the skinny on Bain & Co’s new private equity risk assessment tool, which aims to helps firms assess what actions their portfolio companies should take in response to coronavirus, and allows you to answer based on the impact the pandemic is having, or that you expect, to provide a list of actions.

Crisis ESG: Carmela Mendoza gives us a needed lift with this article, which details some of the things various firms are doing to not just help portfolio companies and their employees through the crisis, but also wider society. I’ve also spoken to some CFOs who – while not touting their actions as falling into the middle of that noble acronym (‘S’) – nonetheless are approaching this crisis with what in normal times would very much be considered in line with the spirit of environmental, social and governance. It is a crisis, and one would hope people approach it with a sense of shared humanity. Nevertheless, it is good to see and hear some in the industry are actively searching for ways to better the world as it exists now.

What’s your firm doing to help their companies and society through the crisis? Reach out and let us know.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart