Be a DOPE CFO: I don’t know, but I’m guessing none of you are employed by one of the handful (?) of cannabis-focused PE firms out there, but maybe some of you are considering it. Or maybe you were, but forgot to follow up.

If you did, who would you go to for advice and training on things like “cannabis valuations?” Apparently EY wants your business. (Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but there is at least one of the ‘Cannabis Leaders’ listed in the report I’d want to make sure is cool first. Just sayin’.)

But the rest of the Big Four probably want your business too. I’ll say that with the caveat that on a quick search I couldn’t find any particularly current reports or other info on Deloitte’s and KPMG’s cannabis practices. The other two are hip, for sure, though.

However, what if you’d rather have in-house accounting and compliance pot expertise? Apparently, DOPE CFO will train you up on all of the legal and accounting nuances so you don’t go to jail, etc. I’m not sure about the wisdom of the slogan “Become a Dope,” if I’m reading this correctly, but it could also be fun, maybe, and it is definitely better than going to jail.

PERE CFOs & COOs updates: Sister publication PERE’s own CFOs & COOs Forum for private equity real estate professionals has had a few recent updates worthy of note. In January, Reisa Bryan, global COO of Nuveen Real Estate, agreed to provide a keynote chat, and a preliminary agenda was released. Last week, the advisory board was announced. That includes Nilesh Bamba (Longpoint Realty Partners), John Caruso (Nuveen), Wissam Francis (Tricon Capital Group), Melissa Gliatta (Thor Equities Group), Zoe Hughes (NAREIM), Jeff Jarden (Veritas Investments), Kristin Renaudin (Stockbridge), Cyndy Silverthorn (Crow Holdings Capital) and Lauren Young (PCCP).

You get a discounted rate for signing up before March 6 for the event, which will be held April 29-30 in New York. Contact Kwame Campbell for info. Hope to see you there!

Email prepared by Graham Bippart