PRI puts out call for ESG case studies

The UN's responsible investment unit is asking both LPs and GPs for case studies that will be used as supporting examples in its new ESG-focused due diligence questionnaire.

The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is conducting an open call for case studies from its private equity LP and GP signatories to support the forthcoming PRI LP Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ).

The DDQ, which is currently being developed, will build on PRI’s industry-wide ESG Disclosure Framework and other existing resources such as the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) DDQ to provide an adaptable list of ESG due diligence questions that LPs can ask GPs pre-investment.

The PRI is seeking case studies to use throughout the document that fall into one of three categories: the LP due diligence process, the outcomes of ESG due diligence and GPs’ perspectives on ESG due diligence.

The PRI will use selected case studies throughout the DDQ to show how LPs are using ESG information, how ESG due diligence influences an LP’s decision to invest in a fund and what the process is like for GPs when collecting ESG information to send to investors.

PRI’s LP DDQ working group is currently preparing a draft of the DDQ, which will be presented to the industry for feedback at the PEI/PRI Responsible Investment Forum June 23.

The PRI will select case study subjects with an aim to cover a diverse range of perspectives. Those interested in submitting a case study are asked to send a 100- to 200-word proposal that fits into one of the three categories to Natasha Buckley at by May 29.

For more updates on the development of the DDQ, see the May issue of pfm.