April 2014 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2014

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    Planting a flag

    A number of private equity firms have been looking to open local offices in Latin America to improve their access to deal flow — but timing the market is a challenge

    Working out the kinks

    Uncertainty remains rife within FATCA’s minutiae – but there are still certain action points GPs need to have completed by now, warn advisors.

    Express delivery

    To meet LP expectations, GPs are finding new ways to send out the K-1 tax report in a timely fashion.

    Don’t go chasing automated waterfalls

    Despite advances in technology, some say spreadsheet calculations remain CFOs’ best option for forecasting carry payouts.

    Valuation roundtable: Evolving practices

    The speed at which GPs have formalized their valuation policies and procedures – much of it in response to heightened scrutiny from regulators and investors – has been nothing short of remarkable. But where is this trend going next? That, it seems, is still up in the air. But to get a better sense of the direction of travel, we brought together a group of industry valuation specialists in New York to discuss issues like calibration, LPs’ role in the valuation process and exactly what’s required for a reliable valuation methodology. 

    Seeking residency

    Where a company is regarded as being resident is important in a number of fund structuring areas. It also makes a significant difference in terms of tax consequences, writes Duane Morris partner Jenny Wheater

    Optional transparency

    We challenge Jason Scharfman to answer the question: Is Form PF of any value to investors during the due diligence process?