Beats by Dr. Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group had plenty to celebrate at the end of 2014, especially the handsome returns made on its investment in Dr. Dre’s headphone maker Beats Electronics. But no one was quite as happy as David Rubenstein. The private equity giant’s co-chief executive was so proud, he felt inspired to express himself through song.

While hip-hop and humor are not exactly words that spring to mind when someone mentions the private equity industry, Carlyle managed to combine them both in its holiday video to investors. The firm gave its LPs (and website visitors) a timeless gift: the chance to see Rubenstein rapping. The video features fellow Carlyle co-founder Daniel D’Aniello working the soundboard while Rubenstein spits some promotional rhymes, each donning a pair of Beats headphones. It’s just as entertaining as it sounds.

Of course, Dr. Dre has launched dozens of successful rap careers, and we can’t blame Rubenstein for wanting to join the ranks of Eminem or 50 Cent, but for now, it’s abundantly clear that he should stick to buyouts.