Take your best shot

Even the geekiest among us wouldn’t label risk management an exhilarating, adrenaline-charged exercise. But outside the office, these risk professional types certainly know how to have a good time.

Validus Risk Management, a risk management consultancy in the alternatives space, opted against the more typical seminar or conference approach to meeting potential clients by taking senior figures from the private funds world out to the English Countryside. The purpose? To blaze away at some clay pigeons of course. In a flurry of blasts, smoke – and a fair amount of tweed – fund managers were pitted against one another to find out who was the industry’s crack shot.

The cheekily titled “Alpha & Ammo” saw Mark Cresswell, of private debt firm Renshaw Bay crowned sharpshooter, while PEI Media’s own Helen Lewer received the rather unwelcome prize of “Clay Conservationist.”

Next year’s follow up is already in the planning stage, says Validus’ director of commercial development, Haakon Blakstad. Paintball, anyone?