March 2017 Issue

    Month: March
    Year: 2017

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    Where the buck stops

    A revamp in the law means the IRS can now collect tax at partnership level. But, as the Treasury proposes the first enforcement regulations, Rob Kotecki finds GPs and LPs are left with serious compliance questions.

    Coming from America

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has tightened its approach on valuation best practice. Rebecca Akrofie asks if the same style of regulation is headed to Europe.

    A perfect fit

    LP demands and regulatory scrutiny mean third-party valuations are more crucial than ever, but hiring the right expert requires a mix of art and science, as Rob Kotecki reports.

    Locking in value

    How can firms ensure their valuation processes meet the needs of their investors while keeping the regulators happy? Claire Wilson gathered six experts to find out.

    What it takes to work in ESG

    As more private equity firms hire ESG heads to hone their responsible investing strategies, Graeme Kerr looks at what is needed to succeed in this increasingly crucial role.

    Rotating the roster

    Staff shake-ups at law firms aren’t confined to King & Wood Mallesons, as Claire Wilson reports

    Splitting up

    It seemed a match made in heaven – the European private equity focus of SJ Berwin and the Asian expertise of King & Wood Mallesons. Insiders tell pfm how it all went wrong.

    Empire state of mind

    Almost 500 delegates met in New York for pfm’s annual gathering for private fund back-office teams to discuss their concerns, as Claire Wilson reports.

    Tearing down the house

    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s focus is likely to switch from implementing the Dodd-Frank Act to unraveling it.

    Big bucks in big beats

    Ibiza's calling for Trilantic, MCH Private Equity, GPF Capital and some of its own LPs following Pacha nightclub acquisition.