May 2017 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2017

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    Legally speaking

    Natasha Kaye, partner at Cooley, discusses an aspect of the implementation of BEPS

    Digital citizens

    Cybersecurity is more than just a compliance issue; it’s a question of responsible investment

    A bit of opacity on the side

    Transparency in the private equity industry has improved exponentially, but side letters are muddying the waters

    It’s not easy being green

    As LPs in the world’s largest private fund market start to embrace ESG, it’s getting tougher to get away with being ‘all talk and no action’

    Growing in size

    Changes to the distribution waterfall, more flexibility on investment terms and greater clarity around each condition has made LPAs larger

    The right choice

    Thirty years after the buzz of venture capital lured Simon Witney into the private funds legal world it remains an attractive and energizing sector, he tells Rebecca Akrofie

    Full disclosure

    The SEC requires external CCOs to be named on Form ADV from October. Is now the time to review your relationship with your third-party compliance team? Claire Wilson reports.

    Five takeaways from SEC enforcement actions

    The regulator has highlighted the weak links in GP compliance. Rebecca Akrofie looks at what the industry can learn from its recent cases.

    Handing over the crown

    Succession planning is more than naming an heir apparent; firms need a framework to convince LPs their money is safe and staff that their efforts are worthwhile. Rob Kotecki reports.

    Bones of contention

    Negotiating a Limited Partnership Agreement can be a fraught process, particularly when it comes to the issue of where litigation should be heard, writes Claire Coe Smith.