Q&A with Blackstone on ESG

We speak with Blackstone's CFO and its global head of ESG on the firm's approach; EWM lifts the curtain on carry calculation methods.

We continue apace with our ESG coverage, this time with a Q&A with Blackstone’s global head of ESG, Alison Fenton-Willock, and CFO Michael Chae. Toby Mitchenall asks them what kind of ESG data they collect, what LPs want to see and what’s in store for ESG in private equity. Chae says ESG work is a “critical aspect” of due diligence.

And from our special report, “Carry, waterfalls and incentives”, we have Robert Hagmeier of EWM Global lifting the curtain on the various methods for calculating carry. Hagmeier explains why an anniversary date model can be a compelling way to secure timely payments without adding too much complexity.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart and Toby Mitchenall