Rubenstein offers interview tips for PE candidates

The Carlyle boss says he is left ‘amazed’ when potential recruits don’t ask questions during job interviews.

Make sure to put on your best suit if interviewing for a position at The Carlyle Group. In the latest of the firm’s monthly podcasts, co-founder David Rubenstein offers some tips for would-be private equity executives.

One common mistake potential recruits make is not dressing appropriately, said Rubenstein, adding some interviewees don’t present themselves well and “may not even comb their hair.”

The Carlyle boss said he was impressed at the effort candidates put into preparing themselves for the interviews, but added potential recruits often miss the chance to ask questions.

“I am often amazed when I ask somebody who has travelled to an interview ‘do you have any questions?’ and they say no.”

He added that it isn’t necessary to pre-prepare questions, instead wanting employees to be resourceful and have the ability to think on their feet.

“If you have bothered to get an interview with a senior person in a firm, and you can’t think of one thing to ask, maybe you don’t have the creativity that would be the kind of thing that I would desire to have in my employees.”

Rubenstein also noted that while intelligence is a prerequisite for a career at Carlyle, being a genius may not work in your favor. He said geniuses “might not be so easy to work with and manage.”

A link to Rubenstein’s podcast can be found HERE.