Scaling up the HNWI pool

Q&A with iCapital’s Lawrence Calcano; new link to Insights 2020 survey.

HNWIs and automation: Carmella Mendoza interviews iCapital chief executive Lawrence Calcano about the company’s progress in scaling up GPs’ access to high-net-worth individual capital, and vice-versa. The company has been on an acquisition spree for years, buying up banks’ alternative investment fund feeder platforms; most recently from Wells Fargo.

In the interview, Calcano talks about “pushing the envelope” on automation, ensuring alignment of interest and where the firm sees growth in the future.

Insights 2020: Some readers have had trouble accessing the link to our Insights 2020 survey, so here is a direct link. You can find more information about the survey here. Submissions are entirely confidential, the survey takes 10-15 minutes and the deadline is September 4. Insights 2020 aims to give finance executives at GPs across the US a clear view of the opinions and operations of their peers – we can’t do it without you!

Email prepared by Graham Bippart