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Access to competitive pricing and operational efficiency will always be critical factors for firms when it comes to trading currencies. But for many , one big emerging concern is a lack of transparency, writes MillTechFX CEO Eric Huttman.
Regulatory changes in Europe are accelerating the shift towards sustainable finance in private markets, but may also be exacerbating 'greenwashing,' argues Simon Witney, a senior consultant at law firm Travers Smith.
'In today’s environment, as prices continue to go up, our emphasis will be on keeping our head down and investing heavily in capabilities to create our own deal opportunities,' Sperling says.
LPs are increasingly asking GPs for ESG information; fund administrators, in the absence of global reporting standards, are positioned as an enabler to help fund managers move the needle on sustainability, Robert Caporale of Gen II Fund Services writes.
RingStone managing partner Hazem Abolrous describes how teams can reduce the risks associated with technology while using it to gain a competitive edge.
As investors’ perception of ESG develops, private market managers are reacting, says Nabeel Ansari of Broadridge Financial Solutions.
Celeste Barone, president and chief client officer of 4Pines Fund Services, explains the importance of playing offense in the CFO role today.
The idea of having to foot a bill to the tune of millions of dollars for a loan secured by fiction serves as a wake-up call to investors, lenders and GPs alike.
Perhaps most importantly, watch who takes leadership roles on the various legislative committees in Congress that impact private equity, as well as key positions in the administration.
Harnessing the power of data that many firms already collect for tax purposes can help generate value beyond simple compliance, writes EY's Jen Hwang.

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