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Kirk Samuels, executive director of cybersecurity and head of PE cyber programs, at consultant Agio, on how to deal with one of technology's biggest trends.
Three financial cybersecurity experts talk about data sharing, phishing and how to protect a private equity firm from cyber attacks.
Agio founder and CEO Bart McDonough discusses strengthening the GP-LP bond through cybersecurity, beginning with integration at the C-suite and the need for firms to adopt tailored solutions, in this nine-minute podcast.
Private debt's rising profile will make it an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. Cybersecurity expert George Ralph looks at ways firms can make themselves safer.
Capital One’s recent breach has financial institutions wondering if their cloud services are up to par. Find out what it takes to prepare for a worst-case scenario as a PE firm.
A hacker to illustrate cyber risk to private equity firms
Cyber breaches: what to do and who to call for help.
Steve Lancaster, chief executive of consultancy CYSIAM, makes the case for cyber-risk evaluations on acquisition targets, and explains how to do them.
Riverside chief information officer Eric Feldman tells pfm about his unusual route to private equity and leveraging data.
CFOs from Roark Capital Group, Delos Capital, Cloverlay, XPV Water Partners and Sandton Capital Partners share their views on the biggest risk they see their private equity firms facing today in this three-minute video.
Investment managers need a plan for management of cyber-attacks and personnel misbehavior, panelists at the Texas TRS conference said.

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