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A valuation committee should meet quarterly

Valuation committee best practice, ACG PERT-style

A CFO takes us inside her firm's valuation committee practice: how, why and when.

Why a start-up CFO will keep its finance function small

Tim Janke joined nascent fundraising platform Xen as CFO in July and is leaning heavily on tech and outsourcers.
Gears representing private equity leverage

How Brookfield does leverage

Non-recourse financing, long-term maturities and little-to-no financial maintenance covenants are the order of the day.

How to recruit a diverse investment team

Recruiter Will Moynahan on how firms can look beyond traditional candidate pools plus a Burgiss seminar on how performance benchmarks are evolving.
A hacker to illustrate cyber risk to private equity firms

After Capital One’s breach here’s a cyber risk checklist

Cyber breaches: what to do and who to call for help.

A window on KKR’s credit line use

CFO Bill Janetsheck outlines the mega-firm's approach to subscription credit facilities, while in other news, hurdle rates are disappearing.

What are LPs doing with all that data?

LPs want more and more data and they are bringing in more brainpower to dissect it.
magnifying glass

A bit of Warren’s bill that merits a closer look

The Stop Wall Street Looting Act targets changes to fiduciary duty rules and preferential terms for big investors.
Survey shows when GPs engage service providers and what they look for

Fundraising? Call the law firm first

A survey shows when GPs engage service providers and what they look for.
Elizabeth Warren's bill would make it 'next to impossible' to invest in struggling businesses

Take heed of the Warren-ing shots

The Stop Wall Street Looting Act of 2019 would make it 'next to impossible for investors to invest in struggling businesses that need capital.'

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