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Small business lobby comes out against surtax.
Video interview with Kline Hill’s Louis Sciarretta; KKR warns public sentiment around PE isn’t great, right now.
ESG investing is on the up, according to Bain & Co; PEF releases white paper on fund administration tech
Industry lobby fights back on Maryland tax bill; Mid-market firm makes a bevy of promotions; Blackstone warns of coronavirus risk to funds.
Maryland’s proposed tax on management fees and carry may be more tactically sophisticated (if disagreeable to business) than they’re getting credit for.
Toward (or not!) a standardized metric for private investment performance.
The low-down on what the OCIE has been concentrating on in its IA exams; Key takeaways from the Bain and McKinsey reports.
Philippa Kent looks at the once all-terrifying SMR as it applies to UK PE firms.
FIRRMA? I’ll take Basel IV, please; ILPA releases roadmap for D&I best practices.
Stephenson Harwood lawyers share their insight on successful LPAC operations; NY Attorney General obtains injunction against NYPEXX founder.

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