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The private funds industry is at a 'crossroads' when it comes to investor transparency, PEF Services' CEO said in a recent webinar. She gave tips on how to get ahead of investors’ expectations on transparency and regain their shaken trust in private markets.
In part 2 of our series on implementing a big tech change, Adams Street Partners' CTO, Alicia Pando, discusses normalizing and centralizing its data.
New amendments to California privacy laws are helpful, but PE firms should still be mindful of the compliance challenge.
There are potential conflicts that could surface with the use of alternative data in private equity.
Three CFOs get honest about data privacy and tell us how they're dealing with increasing regulation.
A privacy lawyer explains what US firms often get wrong about the regulation.
EU rules were just the start; new regulations around data governance are coming to a state near you.
The PEI/RBC Investor & Treasury survey on all aspects of fund administration reveals outsourcing is on the rise in nearly every area.
The direction of travel is towards greater scrutiny of how private information is stored and used. A recent risk alert gives a steer.
OCIE’s most recent risk alert is about client data: find out what compliance issues they found and why private equity firms should pay attention.

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