The year in soundbites

From panic setting in ahead of GDPR to growing pains in Luxembourg, 2018 proved to be a year with plenty to say about in pfm.

It used to be a very manual system – literally. When I arrived here, it happened to be one guy who had all of these manila folders in the back of his desk, and he would reach out when one of these issues would come up
John Finley, Blackstone’s chief legal officer, on how the legal landscape has changed

Cyber-risk is not just the responsibility of the technology team or your outsourced service provider. It’s a shared responsibility of the organization. It’s got to come from the top down
Eric Feldman, CIO of The Riverside Company, on how cyber responsibility starts at the top

In cloud services, the security is baked in. So once you’re on it, you’re automatically receiving that benefit and the tools that you’re using
Prom Vatanapradit, head of technology at CCMP Capital, on the advantages of cloud technologies

A lot more funds are altering their LPAs and creating a more detailed procedure for fee and expense allocations. They’ve become a lot more transparent and detailed
Tom Angell, partner at WithumSmith+Brown, on how GPs are reacting to LP pressure over fees

I think that counsel who represent LPs are taking a harder line
Julie Corelli of Pepper Hamilton recounts an LP objecting to travel expenses as part of deal origination costs

You should be ready for an SEC exam at all times. It means the documents should always be ready to go. Make sure you’re doing your annual testing, your compliance review
Todd Cipperman, founding principal at Cipperman Compliance Services, on how to prepare for an SEC inspection

We have people commuting into the city from three countries. We have to deal with traffic jams, but this is nothing compared to London or Paris
Luxembourg for Finance’s Tom Theobald shrugs off the growing pains in the Grand Duchy

Those who have been preparing for it – many for the best part of two years – are also realising that the task is far from accomplished while the clock is ticking
Eduardo Usturan of Hogan Lovells on how panic was setting in as GDPR approached