Thursday: Robot process automation is ‘moving faster than we can imagine’

Robot process automation continues to evolve and the use of digital workforces will increase in the PE industry.

Today is tech Thursday and this week we take a closer look at the future of robot process automation in the private equity industry.

In a podcast, Anubhav Saxena, executive vice-president of partnerships, strategy and operations at Automation Anywhere, a developer of robotic process automation software,  discusses how firms can utilize automation technologies to accelerate equity value creation in portfolio companies and the future of digital workforces.

“In 2016, McKinsey was asked the question: ‘How many jobs will actually get automated?’ and they said that 110 to 150 million human jobs will get automated by 2025,” Saxena said. “Let me tell you how fast this has actually changed: It’s going to happen by 2021. This is moving faster than we can imagine. It’s coming to us only because technology gets better over time, it gets proven. Most of the portfolio companies that actually end up buying the software end up buying more, and deploying and it becomes a self-funding transformation.”

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This email was prepared by Brian Bonilla.