Want to sell a slice of your firm?

Our upcoming deep dive will guide GPs through the process of selling a minority interest.

We are gathering intel on the business of selling minority stakes in private equity firms. The number of these transactions is on the rise – so we hear, anyway. What we know for sure is that the amount of institutional capital out there seeking interests in private equity firms is growing. Debevoise lawyer Matthew Dickman gives us some insight today into the considerations for firms thinking of a sale.

So should you be thinking of a sale? As one advisor recently told me: “If you are not thinking about it, then your competitors are. And there is only so much capital to go round.” Said advisor has a clear interest in making deals happen, but he also has a point.

Stay tuned for our deep dive on this topic and if you have anything to share in confidence, we would love to hear from you on toby.m@peimedia.com.

Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall.