Madoff: What the SEC has Learned (And What it Hasn’t)

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Bernie Madoff has been dead fewer than two months, but his ghost has haunted Wall Street and its regulators for more than a decade.

Tune into the Private Funds CFO, co-hosted with Regulatory Compliance Watch, FREE July 20 webinar at 2:00 PM ET, Madoff: What the SEC has Learned (and What it Hasn’t) for insights into the largest Ponzi scheme yet uncovered and how Madoff’s horrors nearly brought the roof in on the SEC.

Financial regulatory expert and author of Madoff Talks, Jim Campbell, shares insights into Madoff’s crimes, how they impacted Wall Street and the SEC, and what lessons were learned. Campbell provides the freshest effort yet to autopsy Madoff’s crimes, and to exorcise his shade.

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  • How Madoff got away with his crimes for so long;
  • Ways to break Wall Street’s omerta;
  • How to evaluate new problems in the wake of the Madoff scandal;
  • New reform ideas;
  • How firms can get ahead of pending regulatory changes;
  • And much more.


Jim Campbell is a financial regulatory expert and the host of nationally syndicated radio shows “Business Talk with Jim Campbell” and “Forensic Talk with Jim Campbell.” His new book, Madoff Talks, is an analysis of Madoff, his crimes, and their enduring impact on Wall Street regulation.

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