What does the Blue Wave mean for PE?

What a Democrat-controlled Congress could mean for private equity; Insights 2021 survey findings on fundraising.

Policy: The Blue Wave is now a reality, and that means some of the intense scrutiny politicians have been putting on private equity could translate into real policy action, particularly in the next two years while Democrats are assured of their control of Congress.

Chris Witkowsky gives us a rundown of what we think are the top things to look out for in the new political landscape, including implications for carried interest, retirement funds in PE, senator Elizabeth Warren’s “Stop the Wall Street Looting Act of 2019”, ESG policy and more.

Insights 2021: In this article, we analyze the key findings regarding fundraising from our Insights 2021 survey. We take a look at how fundraising fared during the height of the pandemic and what CFOs are expecting for the future, as well as the bumps they can expect in the road.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart