Why this bubble bursting won’t blow up the world (but it’ll hurt)

Why a PE-fueled crisis isn't likely; Apex forms blockchain valuation partnership.

Kim Kardashian is launching a private equity firm, so Graham Bippart may already have a little egg on his face, but, he argues, recent suggestions that private equity could be at the heart of a coming financial crisis are ill conceived. In this opinion piece, Graham details the fundamental differences between the private equity bubble (we’ll say it) and the GFC and debunks any attempt to compare them.

Nonetheless, there could be real pain for GPs and LPs alike ahead, and he suggests some ways that it might materialize. But real markets have winners and losers, and this one has long enjoyed an Edenic exception to that rule. It’s time it be reacquainted with it.

Fund admin: Apex Group has been on some kind of tear in acquisitions and partnerships, and by Wednesday this week had already announced one more of each. There is word that there are many more to come. Jen Banzaca has details on the recent deals.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart