A ‘new model’ for outsourcing; LPs focus on succession plans

Gen II on the 'trust-but-verify' model of outsourcing; LP Perspectives 2021 Study shows heightened LP scrutiny of succession planning.

Outsourcing: Gen II’s head of business development, Robert Caporale, argues that a new model for outsourcing has developed through the development of technology and institutionalized processes, and that covid-19 is forcing many sponsors to pivot to it.

“Outsourcing is being re-imagined into an oversight – ‘trust but verify’ – model, where PE sponsors leverage the capabilities and best practices of specialists while providing oversight and review over these tasks,” Caporale writes.

Succession planning: The pandemic has heightened focus by LPs on succession planning during the due diligence process, according to sister title Private Equity International‘s LP Perspectives 2021 Study. We wrote at length about succession planning and how CFOs can be an integral, constructive part of the process last year in our April cover story. The article also addresses approaches to the art of compensation, as well as development and retention planning for finance teams.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart