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Download our directory for key details of cybersecurity consultants with private equity experience. Last updated on 12/03/19 with details for ACA Aponix.
How do you stop a technology project chewing you up and spitting you out?
In part 1 of our series on implementing a big tech change, Insight Partners' CFO, Mark Lessing, discusses his firm's move away from Excel.
In part 2 of our series on implementing a big tech change, Adams Street Partners' CTO, Alicia Pando, discusses normalizing and centralizing its data.
In part 3 of our series on implementing a big tech change, Riverside's CFO talks about creating a safer way to send money.
Kirk Samuels, executive director of cybersecurity and head of PE cyber programs, at consultant Agio, on how to deal with one of technology's biggest trends.
Find out what technologists think CFOs should consider before implementing a new piece of technology, how long the decision-making process should take, and more.
Three financial cybersecurity experts talk about data sharing, phishing and how to protect a private equity firm from cyber attacks.
Agio founder and CEO Bart McDonough discusses strengthening the GP-LP bond through cybersecurity, beginning with integration at the C-suite and the need for firms to adopt tailored solutions, in this nine-minute podcast.

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