AIFI encourages next generation of GPs

Italy’s private equity association will educate graduates in a bid to bring more young people into the industry.

AIFI, the Italian private equity and venture capital association, will hold a conference introducing graduates to the industry. 

It will sponsor five recent graduates who are interested in attending a session of lessons dedicated to private equity and venture capital. Graduates with an economics, law or related degree can apply for sponsorship. The two day event commences 23 October. 

The event will act as an introduction and refresher course in private equity with topics such as the target company selection process, a discussion on the industries regulatory framework and an introduction into operational best practices among others up for debate. 

AIFI’s general manager Anna Gervasoni and Private Equity Partners’ Fabio Sattin, who also leads the Why Not Italy initiative – a group of 13 Italian private equity professionals who are promoting investment opportunities in the country, will speak at the event.

Fondo Italiano di Investimento chief executive Gabriele Cappellini and Nicola Volpi of Permira will also speak.

The event is also open to those already working in the financial sector, related industries or public institutions looking to develop private equity knowledge.