AIFMD consultation begins

The European Commission will survey alternative investment fund managers across 12 European countries to establish the impact of the regulation.

The European Commission has started its review of the impact of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive on fund managers.

The EC will survey AIFMs across 12 European Union countries on the following issues: experience in applying the AIFMD, impact on investors, impact on alternative investment funds and AIFMs in the EU and in third countries and achievement of the objectives of the directive.

More specific questions to be answered include whether the AIFMD has provided an effective legal framework for monitoring and managing the risks associated with the activities of AIFM.

The survey will also assess the necessity of the AIFMD’s EU oversight, and ask whether the desired effect of the regulation could have been achieved at a national level.

The survey is a mandatory review, carried out in accordance with Article 69 of the directive. The consultation closes on June 1, 2017.