Effect of rising rates on fund finance; What you’re getting wrong about management co admin

Non-bank lenders don napkins for expected syndication surge; and three misconceptions about management company administration

Fund finance: How high is too high? That’s one pressing question panelists were asked at the Fund Finance Association’s recent European Symposium: if rates keep going up, will subscription line borrowers step back from the market? Will higher rates impinge on the credit-worthiness of the collateral? The thoughts of fund finance pros are included in the above-linked article, including on why non-bank lenders are set to take on more market share, and even benefit from rising rates.

Fund admin: The cover story from our first-ever Management Company Report, published in partnership with Gen II Fund Services LLC addresses the top three misconceptions that the private funds market has about management company administration. Number one: in-house staff will be sufficient in the long run.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart