FundRock eyes growing Irish market

The fund administrator, which spun out of RBS, has opened an Ireland office to realise its cross-European objectives.

FundRock has opened an office in Dublin, citing growth in the Irish private funds market and client relocations.

“The opening in Dublin was a client-led initiative. One of our existing Luxembourg clients had merged their operations and based it in Ireland, so we followed that key relationship to Dublin,” Revel Wood, chief executive of FundRock, told pfm.

“Our five-year plan included becoming a cross-European fund services provider, with a Dublin presence as part of that,” he said.

The office will be led by Ross Thomson, who previously worked in in fund accounting and operations at State Street and Citco.

The firm’s Dublin office will offer both UK and EU domiciled funds services which are insulated from Brexit volatility, Wood added.

The firm, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, has offered fund management services in Ireland since 2012 as part of RBS Fund Services. The firm spun out of the bank in 2015.