GP management: There’s an app for that

Below PE Manager spotlights some interesting software apps that could help alleviate some of the stresses that come with running a private equity firm.

FlightTrack Pro (for travel)
Frequent flying fund managers rejoice. An app that keeps track of delayed flights, botched reservations and last-minute gate changes. The app checks airport delays and closures, airport arrival times, and temperature. FlightTrackPro will also check for your gate numbers and flight cancellations, and search alternative schedules. 

LinkedIn (for contact management)
The app really lets the power of LinkedIn shine. As an alternative to swapping business cards, contacts can quickly exchange LinkedIn details through their smartphones. For those GPs with unorganised piles of business cards on their desk, a must-have feature.   

ClockingIt (for time tracking)
ClockingIt is a program that allows you to monitor the time you spend on a project and among multiple clients/companies/investors. Plan your projects, see your schedule, and know if you're slipping behind and why. What’s more is Time Tracking lets you demonstrate to clients exactly what you've done and for how long.

Skype (for communication)
Skype is perhaps the definitive VoIP application on the internet, offering GPs a cost effective way to teleconference with colleagues globally. While the iPad may not have a native application, the iPhone version works well on the tablet, providing a cheap and efficient communication tool. And other smartphone providers offer Skype use on select models. 

Omni Focus (for task management)
OmniFocus can be described as a portable personal assistant. The app allows users to organise tasks into projects and folders, with as much hierarchy as you need, breaking large tasks into more manageable steps.  The app further allows users to pinpoint tasks to specific locations, and receive friendly reminders when nearby the selected coordinates.