Greater retail access to PE is certain, says Blackstone; Help support PEI’s run for the homeless

‘Democratization is not a matter of if, but when,’ according to Blackstone Strategic Partners; PEI runs for a homelessness charity.

Retail investors: It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ individual retail investors will gain access to private funds, Verdun Perry, global head of Blackstone Strategic Partners, said at a recent event. Carmela Mendoza has more.

PEI team runs for Shelter: This weekend, members of our London team will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Shelter, a UK homelessness charity. For every £1 donated, Shelter will spend, according to their website, 79 pence directly on helping people through advice, support and campaigning; and 21 pence on fundraising.

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Email prepared by Graham Bippart