Hamilton Lane implements capital aggregation tech

The firm has successfully implemented Hazeltree Private Markets platform in its latest push for scale.

Hamilton Lane is the latest firm to migrate many of their back-office functions to artificial intelligence. The implementation of Hazeltree Private Markets platform will centralize capital activity and allow the firm to scale its cash aggregation, cash transparency, cash projections and investor communications functions.

The announcement comes after the firm welcomed Atul Varma as their new CFO last week.

“As the private equity industry continues to experience significant growth in their AUM, we have seen a significant focus on automation across cash and treasury management,” says Sol Zlotchenko, chief technology officer of Hazeltree. “Hamilton Lane, as an industry leader in this space, has partnered with Hazeltree to manage and streamline their entire life cycle of cash to support their growth and investor demands.”

The relationship began a year and a half ago, when the alternative investor approached Hazeltree with intentions to improve many aspects of its cash management process, beginning with its wire transfers.

Once Hamilton Lane was integrated on the cash balance aggregation around eight months ago, it was then able to transition into handling and automating complicated capital management activity – and transmitting such information to investors.

In the announcement of the transaction, Chris Corrao, managing director and head of operations for Hamilton Lane’s client services department, said: “Hazeltree has demonstrated an understanding of our specific needs, and helped us convert our complex operational processes into an automated solution. We now have an enterprise view of our capital activities, and can move cash, initiate capital calls and more effectively support our demands.”