ILPA partnership boosts DD platform traffic – exclusive

Investors have assessed assets worth more than $10trn via online due diligence platform PE Analyzer.

Investors have carried out due diligence on assets worth an aggregate $10.88 trillion via an online private markets data platform operated by CEPRES.

PE Analyzer, which allows investors and managers to perform due diligence and portfolio analysis on portfolio companies and investments, has seen a surge in use since its partnership the Institutional Limited Partnership Association three months ago, and as investment offices seek to improve efficiency.

“We have doubled the analyzed volume [on the platform] in the past six months,” Daniel Schmidt, founder and CEO of CEPRES, told pfm.

Global fund managers have uploaded data relating to 3,310 funds and 40,228 investments since the platform launched three years ago. They have control over who can access the information, and can grant permission to investors registered on the platform.

“PE Analyzer dispenses with the need for spreadsheets and reliance on unstandardized data. Investors can analyse the data and compare GPs with other GPs, and with other markets. They can also use the data to create benchmarks,” Schmidt said.

The platform is accessed via the firm’s website, and information is exchanged in private, secure online data rooms.

The firm now plans to extend its investor user-base to smaller institutions and aims to make the asset classes “investable to more people.”

“Family offices have a lot of cash available, but have concerns over the transparency of private equity investment. They don’t necessarily want to use traditional advisors, either; the platform provides them with an alternative to invest and monitor all their fund of fund, direct fund and direct company investments ,” Schmidt said.

PE Analyzer is one of a generation of tech products emerging to improve the efficiency of the sharing and analysis of private equity performance data.